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  Dialup is how eMyPeople started in this business. While it is somewhat going out of style because of it's relative slow speeds we still have a number of customers successfully using this system.
  Dialup allows you to use a Computer, standard phone line, and a dialup modem to send and receive email messages.  We provides 1000's of local dialup numbers across the US & Canada.
  Your computer does not need to be connected for someone to send you an email.  Emails are stored on our Server until you dialup and retrieve them to your computer.
  Your phone line is busy during the send/receive process.  Usually it only takes a few minutes but depending on the size of the emails can take much longer.

  We attempt to block Internet access on all the dialup numbers in the list.  We do find that some locations refuse to honor the block requests and for that reason we recommend we provide our Dynamite Protector software for free on dialup accounts. 

  Dialup plans are as follows:

$7.62/mo. for 15 hours
$15.25/mo. for 50 hours
$24.25/mo. for 100 hours

  If your computer does not have a dialup modem you can purchase a USB adapter for $93.77