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Emypeople Hosted Email. This is our legacy service on servers that we own and operate, featuring:
 -  Lower cost
 -  Customization.  Operating our own servers allows us to do unique things that other hosting options would not.
 -  Keeping your Email data with friends.  Some may choose to keep their email data out of the cloud and with those who share basic worldviews and beliefs.

Emypeople Cloud Hosted Email.  It is a robust option designed with businesses in mind, featuring: 
  -  High availability (less down time for maintenance)
  -  Larger storage capacity (25GB vs. 5GB)
  -  Email Archiving option - (see more info below)
  -  Microsoft Exchange option - (see more info below)
 Email Archiving: This service copies all emails sent or received into a separate, searchable, Cloud Hosted repository.  This option has become mandatory in  some business sectors for legal compliance.  Email Archiving is available only for Custom domains on the Cloud Hosted servers.  
 Microsoft Exchange Accounts: Historically this option required an expensive on-site server.  Now with Cloud Hosted Exchange you can choose this powerful option per mailbox.  It comes with 100GB of storage, faster transfer protocols, shared calendars, tasks, and contact lists!
Here is a New Price List: (May result in changes on you next invoice.)

Emypeople Hosted Email (5GB Mailbox):
Free Mailbox - No included Support, Pop3 Only ($15 setup fee, per Mailbox)  
$2.28/mo. - single Mailbox 
$5.82/mo. - block of 10 Mailboxes

Emypeople Cloud Hosted Email (25GB Mailbox):
$2.28/mo. - single Mailbox
$11.64/mo. - block of 10 Mailboxes
   $2.91/mo. - Email Archiving per mailbox (Applies to all mailboxes across entire domain, not available on shared domains.)
   $11.64/mo. - upgrade mailbox to Exchange, 100GB of storage with free sync on Apple, Android and Windows devices.
Available on both Hosting options:
$2.81/mo. - Custom Domain 
$25.00 - one time registration for Custom Domain.