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  SafeGuardList is a simple but effective Whitelist filter.  Some refer to this approach to as "Walled Garden".  Very simply it blocks everything except what is expicitly cleared in the list.  Whitelists are not a new concept but what we believe makes SafeGuardList a very good solution is dynamic content scanning of all content.  This means that even though the resource is cleared in the whitelist each page must pass our Content scanner before it is delivered to your computer.  This makes it much more feasible to have sites like Ebay or Amazon in a whitelist.

  SafeGuard list comes in 2 flavors:

  Custom Whitelist, this is your own list that starts as basically Email-Only and allows you to add just the rescources you need.

 Previewed Whitelsit, this is a shared list of sites, all of which have been reviewed by our staff before inclusion.  Of course as we explained above this is backed up with our dynamic content scanner.  
  Each subscriber is able to request additions to this list. Our rule of thumb is to strive to make sure that everything in the list would be appropriate for a 12 year old.