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    The SafeSentryPro platform was brought primarily for 2 reasons HTML Filtering and onsite Appliances.

  What is HTML filtering?  Most filters out there (including all of our previous platforms) only filter the URL (what you see in the address bar of the browser).  As we all know a lot of websites are very dynamic.  What a page contains now might change from what you would see 5 minutes from now.  The new filtering technology scans all content on the page and using complex algorithms attempts to categorize the site and then is allowed or blocked based on your Filtering Profile.
  A simple example of this is if you are on a Sales site researching a product.  You click on the Reviews section and the filter block the page for Profanity.  While the page itself was ok and giving information about the product you are researching one of the reviews on the page contained profanity and thus you are blocked from viewing.
  Of course the technology is not perfect and will not always judge content correctly but it is designed to err on the safe side, so we have links on the Block page to request a human review.

  Onsite Appliances was how this filter system has been deployed up until this point so that configuration is ready to go and does make sense in a business setting where you have throughput speeds are a concern.
  We have spent the last few months tailoring this filter to work in the cloud so that you do not need to buy an expensive appliance and can pay an economical per device charge.

  We are selling this Filter system per device at $10.19/mo.

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Secure Signup form for SafeSentryPro
PDF Brochure