As mentioned in Fixing Problems troubleshooting is a process of elimination. The first question asked is "What are we troubleshooting?". Is there no connection? Is you're email not working? Or maybe the filter is not working or causing headache

1) Go to Settings

2) Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calenders.

3) Select your account in the upper right-hand corner

4) Scroll down and click on SMTP

5)Tap on authentication and select password.

6) If it ask for a username and password enter them.

7) You should be good to go!

There are three steps to creating an usable article in Joomla...

  1. Write the article
  2. Create the menu item
  3. Link the menu item. Depending on how the menu item is created, this can be part of the second step.

Other aspects of content creation...

  1. Tags - Names, Nouns
  2. Categories - Actions, Verbs

When you are creating content...

  • Write simply. Short sentence are the easiest to understand.
  • Write clearly. Start out be stating what we are going to do and possibly a layman's explanation of the concept.
  • Write logically. Most of our work follows a logical order. Make sure the article that you write follows that order.
  • Write predictably. Use as similar a structure, style, voice, mood, and tense as possible across the whole article in both the sentences and the paragraphs.
  • Write picturesquely. Include screenshots when possible and simple diagrams when useful. A picture is worth a thousand works.
    • Minify the images before you upload them. and are two sites that I use for the process.
  • Write quickly. The points listed above are our goal. If a reasonable amount of information is in the article, an editor can come along later and clean things up. Keep those points in mind, but do not stress over them.


Setting up AgapeOutoing.



 Sending any large message fails and the connection times out. The reason for this is because the delivery time for the dialup is to slow for the Agape mail server. The alternative? Set it up so the customer uses EmyPeople's email server but still sends from the original email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


 The fix:

 Go to your account settings and change your outgoing server from (some may have it set to: to If you're using Outlook check-mark the option that says “This server requires authentication” and press Settings. Enter your username and password and press OK. Below are some more detailed instructions.


Step by step guide for Outlook:

The following example was done on Outlook 2013. If you have a different version it should still be pretty similar although there might be some insignificant differences.

Go up to the top left-hand corner and click on File.

Click on Account Settings and than choose account settings again.

Select your account and press Change.

In the Outgoing mail server (smtp) box enter ""

Once done, press More settings... > Outgoing Server. Checmark the option "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and also select "Log on using". Enter your username and password and than press OK. Press OK again and you should be set.


Setup on Windows Live Mail:

Open Windows Live mail and right-click on your email address located right above Inbox and select Properties.

 Go to the server's tab and change your incoming mail (POP3) to

Check-mark the option at the bottom of the window "My server requires authentication" and press Settings.

Check-mark the option "Log on using" and enter the credentials given. Press OK twice and you should be set.



Whether you're trying to set up your services or troubleshoot a problem, this website is built to give you at least some troubleshooting tips. It's been designed with a logic behind it. If you're setting up your email, filter, connection or a new computer, select the Setup menu. If you're troubleshooting a problem or fixing something, select Fix. The Learn menu offers simple articles on how our filter works, among other things. Below is our current support policy. Please read it for your information.

eMyPeople offers several support channels to assist in troubleshooting your service issues.

  • Online:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Phone: 717-277-0200

  • Fax: 717-222-5552

  • Mail: Call 717-277-0200 and leave a request with the receptionist to receive self-help resources by mail.

If a technician's assistance is needed, technical support for eMyPeople services is available at $65/hr. Failure to resolve a problem will result in no charges.

  • Paid subscriptions: Requests submitted by email, by fax, or by phone to the receptionist will receive 15 minutes of free support. You are free to request that your support time be limited to 15 minutes.

  • Free email subscriptions: All support is billed. This does not apply to email accounts included with a paid subscription, but to those using only the free email service.

General PC support can be requested for items such as malware removal or training in computer operation, if a technician suitable to the job is available. A quote will be provided for each request, and you will need to accept the quote before proceeding.

We look forward to serving you!

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