How to enter or remove manual proxy settings

Entering manual proxy settings.

1) In Internet Explorer

2) In Firefox


1) In Internet Explorer

Keep in mind that if you set these settings in Internet Explorer they will also affect Google Chrome.

Open Internet Explorer. In the upper right-hand corner there will be a little gear symbol. Click on it and than click Internet Options.

Select the Connections Tab and than LAN Settings.

If you're removing the proxy settings check-mark the first option and leave the other two uncheck-marked. Press OK and you are set.

If you're entering manual proxy settings check-mark the 3rd option and make sure the other two are uncheck-marked. In the Address field, enter the server name that was given you and also the port number. Press OK and you are set.


Modifying proxy settings in Firefox:

Open Firefox and in the upper right-hand corner click on the three small bars and than click on options.

Click on the advanced tab.

Go to Network > Settings

To remove the proxy settings check-mark the first option and leave the rest uncheck-marked.

To enter proxy settings select the third option. Enter the HTTP proxy and it's port number. Check-mark the option "Use this proxy for all protocols."



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