How to operate your spam quarantine



Because provides spam (junk mail) filtering as a service for its customers, you may receive a message entitled “Spam Quarantine.” In other words, our spam filter blocked a message that it suspected to be spam or junk and quarantined it for you. It's letting you know that it's been blocked in case you consider it important.

If the listed email(s) are all junk mail, you may just ignore them – you have a 14 day period to release them before they will automatically be deleted from the server.

If you wish to receive the emails, follow the instructions listed under “How to operate my spam quarantine.”

Please note that all eMyPeople users, even e-mail only users, can access these spam options. Even though the spam options open up in
an Internet Explorer window, this does not mean that you are on the internet.


In order to access your spam filtering options, you must be connected via dialup to eMyPeople or through a highspeed connection.

Here’s how you do it on a dialup connection. If you're using a highspeed connection make sure you're connected and then follow Step 2.

Step 1 Find the Emypeople Icon on your desktop and doubleclick it.

· Click the "Connect" button. The computer will dialup and connect to eMyPeople. A green connection icon will appear in your tray in the
lower right corner of your screen.

· Windows Mail will open.

Step 2 Go to a “Spam Quarantine Summary” e-mail.

· Scroll to the bottom where it says “To view your entire quarantine inbox or manage your preferences click here.”

· Click on the “click here." Internet Explorer will open, and you will be taken to the Spam Quarantine Inbox.
* Note: you are not on the internet. You are on the eMyPeople spam filtering device.

Step 3 Take Action. You can now tell the spam filter what to do with the e-mails it has filtered (quarantined) for you. You will see a list of e-mails in the quarantine inbox with three options on the right: deliver, whitelist, or delete.

* Here is an explanation for the purpose of each option.

** Deliver– delivers this message to your mailbox on a "this time only" basis. Other messages from the same sender will continue to be filtered into the Spam Quarantine.

** Whitelist– delivers this message to your mailbox AND adds this sender to a “whitelist.” All future messages from this sender will not be quarantined, but sent directly to your mailbox.

** Delete– This message will be deleted from your quarantine. Future messages from this sender will continue to be filtered into the
Spam Quarantine.

When you are finished, click the "X" at the top right corner of the window. Click "Close Tabs" and you should be set.


If there are any messages caught in the Spam filter, our servers automatically send out a Spam summary at the end of each day. However, if you know that a message has been sent to you, and you suspect that it may be delayed by the Spam filter, and you would like to receive that message now, there is a way you can check what is caught in the Spam filter before the server sends you a summary.

· Make sure your computer is dialed in and connected.

· Go to internet explorer by clicking on the “Start” menu >> “All Programs” >> “ Internet Explorer.”

· In the address bar at the top of the page, type:

** (This connects you to a page on our server. You do not actually have internet access.)

· Enter your email address into the username field and press the button "Create Password".

. Go back and check for new messages. You should receive an email with a username and password. Click on the link and enter your credentials.

· Remember your username and password information.


· Make sure the customer is dialed in and connected.

· To make sure they are connected, Go to a Command Prompt
** To get to Command Prompt: Start menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt

· Type ""

· If they receive 4 replies, they are connected.


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