Proxy Server - Explanation and Concepts

Proxy Server - Explanation and Concepts

The purpose of a proxy server is to filter what you have access to online. It consists of a powerful computer with the proper software installed and configured so that it can effectively filter what you should or shouldn't have access to.  As of current, Emypeople has 3 different proxy servers. On the other hand, Dynamite Protector is not a filter but a hi-jacker. No it's not a virus. It's actually for your good. When you request  or any other website this is what happens:

1) Dynamite Protector hi-jacks the request and instead of allowing you to connect to it sends it to the proxy server.

2) The proxy server finds for you, scans the page and decides whether you should have access to it or not.

3) If the proxy allows it the page will load and you'll see our home page. Otherwise, you'll get a blocked screen instead.

4) In summary; Dynamite Protector will not let you connect to the internet but instead sends what you request to see to the proxy. The proxy server finds the page you want to see , filters it and returns a response either giving you access to what you requested or blocking it.

Some of the advantages of using a proxy server are:

1) Access to what you have is controlled by tweaking settings on the proxy server itself and not on your computer. If the filtering was done on the computer, a tech would have to access your computer to tweak settings.

2) It doesn't hog system resources. If the filtering was actually done on your computer expect a performance drop. A proxy server takes care of the filtering load without bogging your computer down.

3) As infested as the internet it's safer accessing the internet via a proxy. Not only in the pornography etc.. aspect but also in the security (viruses, security holes etc...) aspect. While the proxy won't block everything or block things it shouldn't expect a safer browsing experience via a proxy.

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