How to Ping

This should give the steps on how to do a ping.

A connection can be divided into two separate segments.

1) The connection from your computer to the Router.

2) The connection from the Router to the internet.

If you're having connection issues we'll break it down by first seeing if we're connected to the router and than try pinging something "out and abroad" on the internet.

To do a ping test press the Windows Key (located at the bottom of the keyboard, two keys left from the LARGE space bar. Hint: It has the "Windows" symbol) and R at the same time. A box called Run should appear. In there, type cmd and press OK.

A black window will appear. Type in there " ping " and press Enter.

If you see a response like the one below you've pinged our router successfully. In other words, if it shows packets sent = 4, packets received = 4, you're connected to the router. If you get a response like "Could not find host..." Make sure you spelled it properly and try again. If that doesn't work, we're not connected to the router.

Next, try pinging to see if you can connect to the mail server. Just start typing "ping" and press enter.

If you receive a proper response (as shown below) we know we're connected. If you get an error like "Could not find host" make sure you've typed it correctly. If you've spelled it properly but still get the same response something is wrong with the connection and we cannot ping


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