Setting Up an Email Account in Thunderbird 31 on Windows 8

This article is to show the user how to configure Thunderbird email client that is running on Windows 8. At this point, it will not show how to install Thunderbird.

Upon opening Thunderbird go to the top to Tools > Account Settings. To get Tools to appear you might need to press the Alt key located on the bottom of the keyboard on the left-hand side of the Space Bar.

 Go down to the bottom and click on Account Actions > Add Mail account.

Next, a window will appear asking for your Name, Email address and password. Enter the correct information and press next.

It'll take Thunderbird a little to find the settings for your account and to authenticate with our mail server.

Once ThunderBird is done probing the server for the server settings etc... It'll ask us if we want to use IMAP or POP3. Choose the type that you prefer ( If you don't know which to choose I recommend POP. Especially if you use a dialup connection.) and press Done.

Once again it'll take ThunderBird a little to check your account settings and make sure you've entered the proper credentials. Once it's positive it has the proper settings and credentials the "Mail Account Setup" window will disappear.

Now, before pressing OK again we'll need to change one more setting. Go down to Outgoing server(SMTP) left hand side.

Go to the left-hand side and press edit.

Make sure your outgoing server is set to and your port is 465 with Connection security set to SSL/TLS.

Press OK and you should be set!







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