Setting Up an Email Account in Windows Live Mail on Windows 8

This article is to show you how to configure the newer version of Windows Live Mail email client that is running on Windows 8. At this point, it will not show how to install process.


After installing Windows Live Mail upon opening it you should see a window appear asking you to add your email account. It will ask for your email address, password (the password for your email address) and Display name for your sent messages. In this case your Display name will be your first and last name. Don't forget to check the small box below the password field entitled "Remember this password". Once you've entered the correct information press Next.

Now, a window will appear asking you to configure you server settings. Make sure you server type is set to POP ( If you want it set to IMAP instead skip down to the next picture) and your incoming mail server is with the port set as 110. On the right hand side for your outgoing server information (this is the server you use to send emails) set the server address to with the port number set to 587. In the bottom left hand corner you'll see "Logon user name". Enter your email address in that field. Once done press next.

If you're going to use IMAP instead of POP you'll want the following settings. Server type should be set to IMAP. The server address is with the port number set to 143. The outgoing mail server is and it uses port number 587. In the bottom left hand corner you'll see "Logon user name". Enter your email address in that field. Once done, press next.

 After clicking next you should see a window like the one below. Congratulations! You've added your email account to Windows Live Mail. Just press finish and you're done.

 Let's say you have two email addresses and you want to add both but next time you open Windows Live Mail it doesn't pop with the screen to step you through the steps of adding your second email account. How are going to add it? Go up to the top left-hand corner, click on file and then down to options > email accounts.

 In the next window that pops up choose Add.

Choose Email account and press next. It'll step you through adding a new account just like the steps shown above.



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