Setting Up Filtering on Windows 8

This page is to show the general steps for setting up filtering software and hardware. You'll find specific instructions per filter by hoovering over the Filtering menu and selecting a filter. You'll also find plenty of links at the bottom of this page.

 Installing a filter can be a touchy process. Often a filter works as a hack therefore making it an anti-viruses enemy. The installation process can be broken down into 3 steps.

  1. Preparing to install
  2. Installing
  3. Testing the filter to make sure it works

1. Preparing to install

   Before installing ALWAYS make sure your anti-virus is turned off or removed. If you use WebRoot Security or Microsoft Security Essentials, expect trouble. They're know to break or block the installation process. Also, before installing, make sure all other running programs are closed.

2. Installing

   Installing the filter consists of running the executable whether it's on a disc or whether you downloaded it. It's just a matter of allowing it to step you through all the steps.

3. Testing the filter to make sure it works.

   Often the best way to do this is by trying to access or another website you know you're not supposed to have access to. Very few, if any, of our users have access to YouTube.


A. Installing Dynamite Protector

B. Installing the SafeGuard Premium security certificate

C. Installing Security Certificate for Proxyb into Mozilla Firefox

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