Installing Security Certificate for Proxyb

This article was created with the purpose on showing the end user how to install the security certificate for Proxyb. The installation process is divided into two steps.

  • Installing the FireFox Pre-installer
  • Installing the security certificate
  • Troubleshooting the installation - in case you run into any trouble


1.) Installing the FireFox Pre-installer

Being by download the FireFox pre-installer. You can click here or go to > Downloads > FireFox Pre-installer.

Once it's done downloading open your downloads and look for the file called vcredist_x86.exe. Double click on it. If you receiving a warning wondering whether you want to run the file or cancel press Run.

If you receive an error like the one below continue to step two a couple pictures down.

Select " I have read and accept the license terms" and press Install.

Allow it to install and press Finish.


2.) Installing the Security Certificate

Being by downloading the certificate from here or going to > Downloads > New Certificate: Download here. Once downloaded go to your Downloads folder and double-click on the file. If you receiving a warning wondering whether you want to run the file or cancel press Run. Also, before proceeding, close all open browsers.

Close all programs and Press Next.

Read the license agreement and press I Agree.

If you receive a warning like the one below or similar just press OK and allow it to install. Once it's done press Next.

Press Finish to to finish the installation. If all went well you should be set!


Troubleshooting installation issues.

Before troubleshooting make sure ALL browsers that were in use have been restarted. Chrome is very notorious and is know to run in the background even though it's been closed. The best thing is to totally reboot the computer if Chrome is your main browser.

Next, try disabling your anti-virus and trying again. While the normal anti-virus should not affect the installation it's time we rule out all possibilities. Once disabled try installing again.

Thirdly, let's continue by removing the old certificate. Go to start and type certmgr.msc and click on it. (Note: You'll have to be logged in as Administrator. Otherwise, right-click on it and press "Run as administrator".)


Double-click on "Trusted Root Certificates".

Double-click on "Certificates".

Look for the certificate called Censornet with an expiration date of 09/01/2015.

Select it, Right-click on it and press delete. Press OK to confirm that you want to delete it.


Restart all open browsers and try again.

If that doesn't work, follow the instructions above again and remove BOTH censornet certificates and then re-run the installer. 



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