Understanding Windows 8 Desktop and Metro Screen

This is to define the main components and names for the pieces of the Windows 8 desktop and the Metro screen. It explain how to switch between the desktop and metro screen.


This is the start screen.

To get there, click in the bottom left corner of the screen on the symbol that looks like this  or press the Windows key which is found at the bottom of your keyboard two keys on the left side of the large space bar.(Note: You will rarely find a Windows 8 screen that looks exactly alike. The layout and style will be similar but you'll find that your Windows 8 computer has a different color or different apps etc...)  Notice in the picture above the small window that says Desktop with a picture of the ocean. If you were to click on that where do you think it'd take you? The desktop! Also above that notice the two boxes. One says Documents the other Pictures. What do you think would happen if you clicked on Documents? I'll bet you nailed it. It'd take you to see all your Documents.


Now, back to the start screen. Let's say you want to go to the Control Panel to tweak a couple settings but how do we get there? There's no shortcut on the desktop and nor do you see it on the start screen but hold on, that doesn't mean your stuck spinning your wheels. The trick is simple, just open the start screen (remember? It's by clicking on the bottom left corner)  and start typing Control Panel. A small windows should slide out on the left-hand side and the Control Panel icon should pop right up. All you've got to do is click on Control Panel and it'll pop right up. Enjoy tweaking your settings!


Once again, going back to your start screen do you notice a small arrow pointing downward in the bottom left corner? Where do you think that leads to?




If you click on it, it'll take you to a page that shows all the apps and programs you have installed. You'll notice a scroll bar along the bottom that you can use to scroll through all your apps etc...



You also have the option of how to display them.

1.) By name.

2.) By date installed.

3.) By most used.

4.) By category.



Now, back to our desktop. Take a look at the picture below.

Look pretty slick? No large start screen to get stuck in but yet the same search feature that will go digging through all my "stuff" and find what I want. How hard do you think it is to pull this one? All you need to do is press Windows Key and S at the same time and "Mr. search engine" is at your aid. Just start typing and he'll go digging.

Now, going back to our start screen let's say we want to view some pictures so we choose the photo app.


The app opens and loads all the pictures that are in our pictures folder.



Now, going back to the top of the screen reveals a drop-down bar that only gives us the option to totally close the photo app. But what if we don't want to close it because we're not done looking at photos. What are we going to do? Close the photo app and open it again later? There's actually a simple solution. Throw your mouse into the upper left corner and a small image of the desktop will appear. Click once and your desktop will appear.



Now you want to go back to your photo app to see some more pictures. How do you get there? Simply throw your mouse into the upper left hand corner again and click.



If you have more than one app open you'll have to choose between the other app or the desktop when throwing your mouse in the upper left-hand corner as show below. Also, notice the start button in the bottom left corner.




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