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  Restricted wireless access leverages secure VPN the cellular providers make available to business accounts.  This is a very secure way to restrict access.  Once we place a wireless line of service into restricted mode there is no way for the end user to circumvent the restriction on that line.  Even the Cellular carrier could not restore full internet access unless we would release the line from our account.
  The wireless line of service does need to be on our account for this to work.  So if you have a device on your own account we cannot place it in the secure VPN mode. 

Plan Options are as follows:

 Economy Access:
$28.37/mo. 200MB plan
$40.57/mo. 500MB Plan
$48.79/mo. 1GB Plan
   $11.64/mo. for each additional 1GB

  Business Grade Access:
 $48.79/mo. 1GB Plan
    $11.64/mo. for each additional 1GB

$19.40/mo. - Add voice service (Business Grade Access only, requires Home Router with Voice)

Modem Options:  (price includes new account setup and shipping)
$175.00 - 4G MiFi Hotspot Modem
$275.00 - 4G Home Router with Voice